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October 13, 2021


Crescent Little League Families:

Please be advised that there was a Crescent Little League player who we have learned tested positive for COVID-19. The player is a Minor C player. The Team Manager and coaches have been notified and instructed to contact the players on the team to advise on further action consistent with local, state and federal guidance on exposure.

We do not suspect that other players, coaches, or family members outside of the team impacted have been exposed to the player. The player who tested positive has been instructed to not return to Crescent Little League until 14 days pass since the positive test, a negative COVID-19 test is obtained no more than 72 hours prior to return, and with a checkup from a physician for clearance. All members of the team (including coaches) are instructed to obtain a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours prior to the resumption of play or practice. The team’s games will currently be classified as “postponed” until further notice. Games and practices may resume for the team on October 26, 2021.

As a reminder, if you or your player are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay safe and stay home. These symptoms include:

  • ​●  ​Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath;

  • ​●  ​Loss of taste or smell;

  • ​●  ​Persistent/chronic cough (not a cough associated with clearing a throat);

  • ​●  ​Fever (100.4o F or higher);

  • ​●  ​Congestion or runny nose;

  • ​●  ​Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea;

  • ​●  ​Headache;

  • ​●  ​Fatigue;

  • ​●  ​Muscle or body aches.

    This list does not include all possible symptoms. For more information, please visit the CDC’s website at


If you suspect you or your child was exposed (to the player or anyone else that may be afflicted with COVID-19, please contact your physician or pediatrician, or visit any pharmacy or clinic offering free COVID-19 testing. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at:

Impact on Fall Ball

We do not anticipate that this event will cause a shutdown of the Fall 2021 season. Consider that over the course of the year, we were able to have almost a full spring season without any cases until this week. That said, we started 2021 with far more stringent mitigation measures in place.

As was stated earlier, there is no reason to suspect this exposure will pervade the impacted team or the larger league. If, however, the exposure is more severe than we currently believe it to be, the Board of Directors will consider the facts and advise you all. Until then, please continue to practice COVID-19 mitigation measures (mask, wash hands, etc.).

We certainly understand the concern this may have caused, and we do not want to alarm you.
We do want to keep all our families informed to promote transparency and aggressive mitigation

of any spread of this disease.

Should anyone have any concerns as it regards the league, please contact any board member to further discuss.


We wish you and your family all the best, and please be safe.



Justin Briand
Crescent Little League President

by posted 10/13/2021
The T-Mobile Little League® Call Up Grant Program


The T-Mobile Little League® Call Up Grant Program is dedicated to helping families in need by covering registration fees associated with their local Little League program. T-Mobile and Little League share the belief that every child should have the chance to experience Little League, regardless of their financial or personal situation.

How To Apply

Below is a list of step-by-step instructions for parents/guardians looking to apply for the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant.


1. Find A League

Find a local Little League program by visiting and reach out to the league for more information about registration dates and fees, which will be needed when filling out the application.

2. Eligibility

Gather eligibility documentation needed in order to be approved for a Call Up Grant.

Accepted Documents


• Free/Reduced Lunch (FRL) verification letter
• SNAP Enrollment document with dates
• WIC Enrollment document with dates
• Foster child paperwork
• Enrollment in Medicaid or state health plan with effective dates


3. Apply

Apply for the T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant. Families will be notified if they qualify within five (5) business days.

4. Payment

Payment made to local Little League program on behalf of approved applicants.


5. Register

6. Play Ball!


For more information, visit

Little League 

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Youtube

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