Crescent Little League has been serving the youth of Buena Park, Cypress, and La Palma since 1960!

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Frequently Asked Questions


-----General Questions-----


  • What levels of play are provided in Crescent Little League?

We offer Tball, Minor C, Minor B, Minor A, Majors, Juniors, and Challenger Division.  For more information on our divisions, check the "Division Descriptions" tab under "League Info"


  • How old does my child have to be in order to be eligible to play Little League?

Click HERE to see what age groups we host divisions for at Crescent Little League.


  • Can girls play at Crescent Little League?

Yes!  We have a number of girls that play at Crescent Little League.


  • Are there any volunteer opportunities?

We have a ton of volunteer opportunities at Crescent Little League; whether it be Board members, managers, coaches, field duty, snack bar, team moms, score keepers, or umpires we are always on the lookout for great new volunteers to add to our team.  Crescent Little League is always accepting generous labor donations for various repairs, improvements, new additions, and upgrades.  If you or your family can assist with carpentry, roofing, concrete, dirt work/grading, or landscape we would love to hear from you!  All donations are tax deductible.  Please email us at or text us at (657)214-1448 for information on current volunteer opportunities.


  • What do I do if I want to be manager or coach?  What if I've never managed or coached before?

Fill out a volunteer application that can be found under the "League Documents" section of the "Extra" tab then turn it in to one of our board members.  Complete baseball knowledge is not required to help coach Little League; we will provide you with resources such as clinics, rule books, and website links to help make you a great coach.  Send us a text or email for more information.


  • What equipment / apparel does the league provide?

A jersey and hat will be provided by the league.  Each team will have a set of catchers gear that the players can use. (Managers will be given all of the equipment they will need for the season) 


  • What equipment will my player need?

Players will need baseball socks, baseball pants, a baseball belt, and an undershirt (The colors will depend on what team drafts them, the coach will then let you know what color will be needed for the season.

Gear wise, players will need a glove, bat, cleats, and a batting helmet.


  • How do I get notified of league information?

Our website will be updated constantly, so that is always a great start for finding information.  You can also TEXT us at (657)214-1448 or email us at with any questions or comments you might have.  Please make sure to add the league email/phone number to your contacts, as we might send updates via those methods.


  • How do I sponsor a team?

Ask your team parent or send us an email/text for sponsorship information.




  • Why does registration occur so far in advance?

Planning, scheduling, preparing takes time and effort to ensure each and every player has the best opportunity for a successful season of Little League.  It is critical to get as many registrations and signups done as early as possible to facilitate placement on teams, ensuring proper number of fields are ready for play, acquiring managers and coaches for each team, ordering of uniforms and hats, and providing a game schedule for the season.  Without knowing how many players there will be, much of what you see above would not be possible.  Registering your player early will also save you money!


  • Do we have to live in a certain area to participate?

You must live within our league boundaries to play in our league.  Check "League Boundary Map" under "Locations" to check if you are eligible to play in our league.  Also, if you go to school within our boundaries you are eligible for our league.


  • Can I play with specific friends or for a specific manager/coach?

For Tball and Minor C you can make these sorts of requests upon signing up; we will do our best to accomodate the requests, though nothing can be guaranteed.  No requests can be made for the older divisions, as the teams are determined via a draft.  Sibling requests can also be made; though we try to accomidate these requests to make things convenient, due to varying age/skill levels and the use of a draft to create teams, there is no guarantee the request will be accomidated.


  • I have two or more kids - can they play on the same team?

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure siblings are kept on the same team.  This sometimes can't be done due to varying ages or skill differences in the players.  We also offer a discount ($10 per player) for siblings!


  • How much does it cost to register?

See online registrations for prices on our upcoming seasons.

  • What do I need to do before registering my player?

Before registering your player check your child's age and verify that you live in or send your child to a school within our boundaries.


  • What if I missed the registration dates?  Can my child still play?

Yes; however without a tryout they will not be eligible for the major division.  Teams will be drafted in mid-January, so the player agent will work with you to best assign a team if registering after draft day.


  • Does my 12-year-old have to play in Majors?

Little League International requires that all league age 12-year-olds must be placed onto a Major Division team.  Very few exceptions can be made to this rule; contact us for more details if you have a twelve year old you feel might benefit from playing in a lower division.


  • What if I can't afford to register my child?  Is financial assistance available?

Crescent Little League is dedicated to making Little League Baseball available to all kids; contact us for information on programs we have to assist in paying registration.


-----Team Formation-----


  • What are tryouts? Does my child need to try out?

Tryouts give managers an opportunity to evaluate and assess each player's skill level; this helps evenly distribute the talents pool and helps make sure we place our players in the correct division of play.  Tryouts will test the basic hitting/fielding/throwing/running abilities of each player.  All players will need to attend a minimum of at least 1 tryout.


  • My child has never played before. What level should he/she be placed?

First we take age into consideration; each age is eligible for one or two certain divisions.  Which division they are placed in of the two will depend on where our managers think the player will be most comfortable and have the best experience.


  • What is a draft and how does it work?

The draft is where the managers of the competitive divisions pick their teams for the season.  They make their player selections based off of their tryout notes and past seasons watching the players in the league.  The draft is done to help maintain an even playing field among the various teams.


  • When will I know what team my child will be on?

Once the draft is completed (A week or two after tryouts), managers will contact their players to begin practices.


  • What is the manager selection process?

Managerial candidates are presented by president of the league, and then approved and appointed to teams by the board of directors.


-----Practices and Games-----


  • When do practices and games begin?

Practices can begin once the drafts are over, likely by the end of January; games will begin on Opening Day (around middle of February).  Please check back on our website for Opening Day information.


  • How many times/week are games & practices?

For most divisions there will be about 3 team meetings per week (Example: 2 practices with 1 game, or 1 practice and 2 games).  This can be increased in our older divisions, particularly during tournament time at the end of the season.


  • What equipment does my child need to play?

A baseball glove (Normal fielding glove, not catcher's mitt or first baseman's glove) is needed.  A jock strap is required for boys in Minor C and above, as a hard baseball will be used in those divisions and the jock strap (cup) is needed for safety reasons.  Though part of the uniform is provided by the league, pants/socks/undershirts/cleats/belt will need to be purchased prior to a player's first game.  If purchasing a bat, make sure it is Little League approved (See for more details).  Baseball equipment can be found at Big 5 Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Sport Chalet, Play it Again Sports, other sporting goods stores, or online retailers.


  • What is interleague play?

Interleague play is where teams in our league play against other local little leagues.  This helps us create diversity in competition so we don't face the same few teams over and over.  In the past Crescent has interleagued with Buena Park National and Cerritos Little League; interleague games will be played at either of the team's leagues.  Post season (Tournament of Champions and Allstar) games will also have games against outside leagues within our district.


  • Who keeps score of the games?

For Minor B and above, the home team needs to supply a scorekeeper.  The league puts on a scorekeeping class for anyone in our league that needs to learn how to scorekeep or anyone that just needs to brush up on a few things.  It is recommended that each team has at least 2 scorekeepers (Preferably 3) in case one of them can't make it to the game and so the same person is not always stuck doing it.


  • When does the baseball season end?

The regular season ends mid-late May.  Tournament of Champions and Allstars could potentially run through the middle of summer.


  • Who umpires the games?

Umpires are the only people in our league that get paid.  We hire an outside service to umpire our games (All have passed background checks).  On some occasions we have some local people offer to umpire at a reduced rate to help keep our costs down.